Why Men Pull Away In Relationships & Early Stages

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Troubled couple

Does this sound familiar to you?

You have finally met a great guy .. maybe it was through friends, maybe online dating, or on a night out.

The two of you hit it off right from the start … it’s like the two of you have known each other for years.

You feel ecstatic, you have that exciting tingle in your stomach … you know like butterflies!

Every time he looks at you in that special way, every time he touches you, holds you, even the cologne he is wearing … all makes you feel incredible.

The two of you go out a few magical times. You are filled with an overwhelming sense of joy when you kiss. Maybe things go a little further!

And even though you know it’s probably too soon, in your mind you start planning your future together with him … that future with prince charming, that you have wanted since you were 5 years old.

Then all of a sudden something changes …

He disappears all of a sudden.

No more phone calls or texts. No pursuing you. And the times that you do see him, he just doesn’t seem that interested.

All of a sudden you are back where you started again … heart broken and alone.

Would you agree with me when I say … You FEEL like he has LIED to you?

On top of that you feel stupid and annoyed for letting yourself getting hurt by a man again.

So Why Do Men Become Distant All Of A Sudden?

Why do men sweep you off your feet, make you FEEL so incredibly happy .. only to become distant and disappear.

Why do men pull away right when everything is so incredibly passionate, when everything is so amazing?

Why has he LIED to you?

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The 3 Reasons Why He Behaves This way …

1. Getting Emotionally Involved Too Early

Men will often start acting distant when a woman gets too emotionally involved too early on in the relationship. In other words she is coming across as too eager and too invested in the relationship. Men are not as emotional as women, and this can be too much for him to handle.

Always keep in mind that a man likes the chase. If you are going to be the woman he commits to, instead of just another casual partner. He needs to feel like he has earned you.

Even if you feel like you have controlled your emotions with him, you may still have triggered something that has caused him to all of a sudden appear uninterested.

2. The Connection Is Not Strong Enough

It could be that the guy is simply a player. He may have another woman that he is interested in. Or maybe it is his career. These are all valid reasons as why men pull away in the early stages.

But, it is most likely that the women hasn’t managed to develop a deep enough attraction with him, in order for him to CHOOSE to be with her.

3. Commitment Needs To Be HIS Choice

All great men desire to be in a serious relationship. But he has to feel like HE alone is making the choice to commit to a woman.

As a guy I may be very interested in a future with a woman that I am dating. But the second that I am pressured into a commitment, particularly if I am not ready for it … then I will run for the hills … so will any other man.

He MUST feel like he is the one making the choice to commit to you … This HINT is something you can use to your advantage!

What To Do When He Pulls Away:

How do you get him to CHOOSE you and only you?

How do you get him past his fears, and FEEL like he is choosing you on his own?

How do you get the loving relationship you have always wanted, with the prince charming you have always dreamed of?

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